Monday, December 29, 2014

Compassion in Action: Kuten La on Dolgyal Shugden

Venerable Nechung Kuten, Thupten Ngodrup
 Medium of the State Oracle of Tibet  
Tibet House US, New York, December 27, 2014
The Nechung Foundation
(Excerpt from notes)

There are seven billion people in the world and many other creatures. Compared with the other creatures, the human population is a minority. In Buddhist teaching, we make a great effort to appreciate the human birth and also the Ten Endowments and the Eight Conditions. So we all know how precious our birth is and if we look at the teachings, how rare to have this kind of birth and then from a scientific standpoint, we can investigate.

So all sentient beings want happiness and don't want suffering. That is a very essential issue we have to understand. And so if we look at the human capacity and at our intelligence and capacity for learning and knowledge, our position is very unique.

Lions and tigers have bigger bodies. Human intelligence makes us unique creatures. We should really appreciate this fact. And so, if we appreciate this unique intelligence that we possess and appreciate that we all strive for happiness and that we are all striving for that, then we can really appreciate this human birth. We look at the causes... And if you look at the qualities of the Buddha, only a human birth can attain these qualites, so then the human birth becomes really rare and precious.

And so we know we live in a world rich in diversity of religious traditions and rich in philosophical traditions. Each offers unique contributions for our [diverse spiritual needs].
We cannot say this tradition is better than the other tradition. Spiritual traditions are there to help different beings. They offer different sets of methods for the different beings. So, it's very important to respect these different traditions.

So, 1. Appreciate the unique qualities of a human birth, 2. Appreciate the unique qualities of these different traditions. As His Holiness always mentions, we should always respect and really get inspired by the different traditions, because they all offer different things, so I really enjoy the other traditions.

You may have noticed various Shugden protests in New York City. So, from my end, we really respect the different traditions. So, for Christians, Hindus, Muslims, each from their end has their own rules and disciplines. Shugden are claiming a new Gelukpa sect, more important than Buddha Shakyamuni, and that Shugden is Manjushri. So it is really difficult for us to accept that this is a Buddhist tradition. Buddha Shakyamuni is the most important in the Buddhist tradition, and we could not consider anyone else above that, so I'm just letting you know about this. 

More info on the Shugden protests

May all beings be happy and have the causes of happiness. 
May all beings be free of suffering and the causes of suffering. 

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