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For Mother, for Mother Earth

Mother and son pilgrims in Lhasa, Tibet / Photo: Janna Weiss 2008

For Mother's Day
How did the mother who raised you inspire you?

I dedicate this post to the mothers the brave victims who are fighting for the right to raise their children and for the right of all mothers to raise their children in a warm and loving home. Mother is the source of compassion. When we have healthy and peaceful mothers, we have healthy peaceful families. When we have healthy peaceful families we have healthy peaceful communities.

Lori Shemtov is a warm loving caring mother who has been denied the right to raise or even to see her two young children for the past 4 years. She is a courageous social activist, exposing social injustice in a neglected area of human rights activism.
Lori Shemtov's blog (Hebrew)

His Holiness the Dalai Lama:
"Everywhere we are talking about peaceful humanity, the peaceful world. This is not from prayer, not from technology, not from money, not from religion, but from mother. This is my fundamental belief.
Mother, I consider, is our first teacher, teaches compassion. The first day after my birth, immediately I learned, I experienced mother's compassion, mother's affection.
That is, I think, the most important part of building a healthy family, and that means a healthy humanity."

"Peace starts within each one of us.

When we have inner peace,

we can be at peace with those around us.

When our community is in a state of peace,

it can share that peace with neighboring communities."

- His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

This song won first place in the Greenforall contest for the song that most exemplified Dr. Martin Luther King's social justice values.

Radio announcer: The United Nations declared that today the world's population reaches 7 billion people.

- Hi, seeya, wuzzup man? How're you doin' man?

- I'm chillin' for the most part, y'know.

- It's hard to see my mom and my family struggling.

- You know what I think about that bro'? It's like - there's mothers struggling all over the world.
 [missing] you know what I mean?
 [missing] One thing I think we need to do is...

- - -
Minus the race color and creeds power to the people
we strong enough so now we can live long enough to defeat you
it's in our D.N.A, to get rid of this racist
That poor shit i can cope with but i'm so sick of this hatred
we strong as 7 billion come on lets keep it building
My Asians keep creating
My Russians keep the Steel in
My Germans send them Euros by the plurals to the states
My Egyptians send that Tea by the case I like the taste
United Nations ain't doing what they supposed to
Finding a strategic way to bring the nations closer
Tell me whats a border?
Why we dividing cultures?
Why we collide with social order!! (why we collide with social order)

- - -
We want to shed blood for lunch.
Our forefathers shed blood for lunch!
We're gonna do so...

- - -

Its a war going on outside nobody's safe from
People fighting for they lives, only the fake run
Its a war going on outside nobody's safe from
People fighting for they lives, only the fake run!

(Chorus) Power to the People!
This is not a White thing
This is not a Black thing
This here is a world thing
Power to the People!
This is not a Brown thing
This is not a Red thing
This is a world thing
7 Billion Strong, 7 Billion Strong
7 Billion Strong, 7 Billion Strong
7 Billion Strong, 7 Billion Strong

(Silent C) Slavery performed by governments politicians and Uncle Tims
Pulling our strings like puppets in hope that we dont look up to them
Until we Occupy public land
and stand for something instead of falling for nothing
Let 'em know we know something
Tell 'em we're tired of suffering
Victims to hells destruction
The mystery's in the rubble
Start digging to fix the puzzle
Scream victory with the shovel
Yeah, and tell all them muthufuckas that fucked us, FUCK YOU!
Divided they will kill us
United they will hear us
And their worst fear is knowing that the fear is no longer with us
So Power to The People
People to The Power
Power to The People
People to The Power
The bank still making profits
Unemployment still ain't dropping
Colleges holding you hostage
You're bound to pay for that knowledge
Everything's about a dollar
Nothings free but the problems
There's a price for the peace and that's a piece of the problem
Why all we see is the violence!
According to the census we made 7 Billion
Well, how many of us 7 Billion gonna make 7 Million?
and heres a better question for the livin'
How many of us living, or just existing? Power to the people!

Christin's mother: Continue to make me proud, with that smile, and always care about people, and give people everything that you have in you give, because I taught you well, I taught you all that you need to do, and all that you need to make it in life, and as long as you use all of those things, Christin, you will make it real far.
Honor the woman who raised you:
post this video on your Facebook page and share how she's inspired you.

Lyrics here:

May 14 - The Dalai Lama Will Receive the Templeton Prize in London, thousands will attend
For Mother Earth: Listen to the Children

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