Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Age of the Brain Is Here

Soldier Blue 1970

Nu, finally. Do you remember when the good Big Screen movies would make it to us from America two years later? We didn't mind watching "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" (1975) or "Soldier Blue" (1970) belatedly. We opened our folding chairs in the kibbutz auditorium (alternately a wedding hall, basketball court and cultural activity center), the projector with the big movie reel was ready, and we were content with our lot. 

Soldier Blue 1970 - 1 of 12

Now, several years later, never mind, better late than never, here too, meditation is becoming mainstream. Hurry to sign up – but don't worry too much if it's filled up already. There are plenty of places for you to learn and practice mindfulness, attention placement, full and compassionate presence in each and every moment. The main thing is not too worry, the teachers tell us... 
Mark Greenberg on Nurturing Mindfulness in Families, Schools and Youth

On a more serious note, Dr. Mark Greenberg, who specializes in bringing mindfulness into classrooms in America, will be speaking at an important and groundbreaking conference at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC) and Levinsky College of Education (details in Hebrew). Mark Greenberg was one of the people who participated in the dialogue with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, mentioned in Daniel Goleman's book “Destructive Emotions.” He emphasizes the ethical aspect of mindfulness, that is too often forgotten.

Neuroscience and meditation – Mind and Life Insitute 8:00

What's really important? It's important that we be compassionate, that we be ethical, in other words, and it's definitely important to teach and to learn this knowledge, from generation to generation. It seems to me that it's alright for us to say a “Shehehiyanu” (a prayer said on new occasions) for the initiative, with the hope that this kind of activity grows, deepens and establishes strong roots in our country. We can now welcome the Age of the Brain in Israel and the world, and the dawning of the New Millennium for which we have waited so long – 2000 years, at least, if I'm not mistaken...

Yaki Platt

Yaki Platt is teaching in Israel now, including: "Dealing with Difficulties Through Mind Transformation" – warmly recommended (details in Hebrew).

Blessings for happiness, for all beings.
(For all beings, not for happiness :)

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